Action Corridors


The digital revolution affects virtually all industries and is changing markets, competition scenarios, and business models faster than could be imagined even recently. And the speed will continue to increase: Moore's Law has already been overtaken. Looking ten years in the future today is the same as looking 20 years in the past. Gesture controls, thought control systems, virtual reality, and intelligent assistants will fundamentally transform our living and working environments in the near future. Exactly how this will happen - and what strategic recommendations will arise from this - is something that the ThinkTank regularly investigates in our in-house trend and future studies.



The innovative condensed workshop "Action Corridors" by the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank enables you to make the best possible use of the results and strategic recommendations of our trend studies specifically for your company, and then to develop a concrete action plan from this. The workshop offers a great deal of information, inspiration, and space for hands-on experience, and naturally also support in the transfer of the essential results to the individual company:


- The trends, drivers, and innovations in your industry

- Future scenario- and study results

- Action corridors for your company

- Creative session for idea generation / evaluation

- Strategy session for expertise transfer to the customer's organization 

- Method selection and support for the ensuing process - Measures planning



This workshop places the results of the study in the context of the future scenario outlined by the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. During the workshop, the background and results of the study are explained in detail, and the most important strategic recommendations are selected and an action plan is assigned to each.





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