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Many companies face the question of whether a digital transformation process could be translated to properly fit their brand image – while simultaneously emphasizing the corresponding customer groups. From our perspective, the following digital imperatives are involved:


-       Customer experiences enhanced by digitalization (change in customer behavior /


-       Provision of omnichannel business (sales, service, communication)

-       Use of digitalization to optimize operations (along the entire value-added chain)

-       Inclusion of innovations into the company (faster, simpler)

-       Use of analytics and big data (risks / input / solutions)

-       Technology as enabler for digital transformation (business-model innovation)

-       Convenience for the customer (direct, simple, perfect-fit)



Our consulting workshop "Developing Digital Strategies" uses your company's picture of the future (trends and drivers for your company in the next 5-10 years) and the vision and strategy defined by your organization for working with digital strategy to create the image of a future- and customer-oriented company that fits your brand claim. The methods involved include:

-       Company, values, strengths

-       Trends and drivers for your business

-       Vision and business strategy

-       Core competencies and competitive profile

-       Strategic imperative, potentials, areas of action

-       Strategic profile

-       Customer experience and enthusiasm



The workshop builds on the existing value framework, strengths, and vision of your company. Using this foundation, our consulting experts design a digital strategy for you. During the workshop, the required methods are tested based on practical examples, and the results are then evaluated using carefully selected and proven innovation methods.

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