Innovation Readiness Assessment

Click on the following link to gain a first impression of the IRA. By answering a few questions, you will arrive at a basic estimate of your company's innovation readiness. After you have completed the questionnaire, we will send you a brief evaluation.

"Innovation Readiness Assessment"


Digitalization is transforming markets, customer expectations, and competitive at faster and faster rates. Market-entry barriers are vanishing, new players are successfully positioning themselves between established companies and their customers, the conventional product sale is being replaced by the service business, and new partnerships are appearing along entire corporate value-added chains. Companies who hope to bring innovative solutions on the market or to expand their position will need to question the established rules of their industries. Along with developing new products and services, they will need to constantly advance the development of their business models – always on a tight schedule. Having an innovative mindset is more important than ever.



Our Innovation Readiness Assessment focuses especially on the necessary foundation for fast, efficient innovation management, thus offering you an effective procedure for identifying your company's maturity when it comes innovation capability. The IRA is based on an analysis of the various stakeholders in your business cycle, and offers an assessment of your innovation readiness involving all key factors. Future fields of action thus become immediately visible for which your company can develop precisely tailored roadmaps. The IRA can be applied regularly to chart and adjust developments in real time. To this end, selected executives and staff members from your company will be invited to a workshop where, under the leadership and moderation of our experienced consultants, they will give their appraisal of innovation readiness and relevance levels in your company. As an option, this circle can be expanded significantly, allowing for the assessments of entire departments or even divisions – and compared to the views of management as necessary. The data will be collected using an online tool and then evaluated by our institute. The detailed results will be prepared in the form of a ten-page report, which is then discussed with your management team in a half-day workshop which will serve as the basis for further action recommendations.



The Innovation Readiness Assessment will reveal how well situated your company is in the key areas of "Strategy," "Resources," "Structure," "Culture & Values," "Staff," and "External Environment." The results will be evaluated in relation to your assessment of the relevance of individual areas, to industry benchmarks, and to the future benchmark developed by our institute. This gives you specific pointers concerning which fields of action are in need of improvement and how to actually implement these measures.



The Innovation Readiness Assessment not only gives you a very quick and efficient orientation as far as your strengths are concerned, but also regarding potential deficits — not only from various internal perspectives and in comparison to your priorities, but also in relation to industry benchmarks and – as a unique benefit – to the future benchmark derived from the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank's comprehensive future model. This creates a reliable basis to decide for or against continuing existing projects and initiatives, for the targeted employment of resources and budgeting, and for improving results across the board.



The costs for measuring your company's degree of innovation readiness in the form described here together with up to 20 representatives of key company areas amount to approximately € 20,000. Should you decide to draw from a larger group of participants, thus enabling the assessments of entire areas / departments, then additional costs of € 5,000 will accrue for the more comprehensive analysis involved and for each additional workshop day.


Time Frame

Within two weeks from commission, we are able to determine the innovation readiness of your company and derive relevant action recommendations based on the results of the IRA. This includes two workshops (one all-day / multi-day workshop at the beginning for introduction and assessment and one half-day workshop for the presentation and discussion of the results) as well as the setup and use of the corresponding online tool and the compilation of the results in the form of a final report. 



Successful completion of the assessment process requires the participation of upper management in both workshop sessions, along with the evaluation and discussion of company readiness integrated into these. If desired, further leadership staff can contribute by completing the questionnaire in modified form for a time investment of 1.5 hours per staff member. 



Naturally, we will gladly support you in an advisory role with the implementation of the improvement measures revealed during the IRA. Another helpful supplement to the Innovation Readiness Assessment is our Digital Readiness Assessment, in which we focus particularly on the necessary foundation for a digital transformation that is process precisely tailored to your company: Where can your organization improve itself most effectively in order to expand its digital readiness? What is needed in terms of processes or internal know-how, and what characterizes a digital company culture?



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