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The pressure on markets is growing. In many industries today, companies are feeling the necessity, grounded in digitalization and social, political, and technological change, of reexamining their positioning and developing new business models or even new business areas. Your leaders in innovation management carry the main responsibility for consensus on / the configuration of your innovation strategy, clarifying strategic playing fields, defining the distribution of risk- and investment principles, and for the coordination and methodical support of projects for the innovation of business models, products, and services. These individuals should thus be well equipped for the task.



Our solution is a custom-tailored, highly practice-oriented coaching and training program that meshes tightly with the operational structure of your innovation management department:

-       Role expectations / clarification for the leadership function

-       Specialized training in innovation management

-       Establishment of a network of innovation managers

-       Establishment of the innovation management department

-       Empowerment of your organization

-       Direction of the innovation management department / Shaping company culture



The consulting process will personally and professionally enable your leadership staff to effect the clarification of goals and strategic action areas for innovation management, to define structures and procedures, and to efficiently manage the establishment / expansion of an innovation management department in your company. Acting as advisers or interim managers, our consultants and innovation managers will guide and support you in implementing your innovation strategy.



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