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TrendSonar is your data-as-a-service tool for quantified foresight. Let real-time data guide your innovation. Within a few clicks, you will receive an intelligent digital analysis of emerging trends. TrendSonar unerringly detects and analyzes even weak and underdeveloped trends and signals, technologies in development, and startup newcomers.


You can fine-tune our TrendSonar according to your preferences for industries, technologies, or topics. The TrendSonar can be accessed through a browser connected to our cloud service.



The benefits to you: 



1. Know what's relevant - Actionable knowledge and argumentation: At your fingertips, just a click away.


2. Always stay ahead - Discover new trends in real time – and see what's driving future innovations before your competitors do.


3. Cutting-edge technology - Skip resource-intensive desk research with our intelligent data mining system.


4. Profit from expert knowledge - Enjoy top-of-the-line advisory support and trend reports from our TrendSonar experts.



The 2b AHEAD TrendSonar currently has access to more than 25 million scientific sources. We developed this product together with our partners trommsdorff + drüner and DFKI, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, in order to guarantee a sophisticated scientific analysis of emerging trends. 


Dive right into our TrendSonar!

"Free Trial TrendSonar"


Do you have any questions about our TrendSonar? Feel free to contact our Product Owner Thomas Kastell by email at or call him at +49 171 273 64 10. He would love to hear your feedback and ideas.



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