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Many companies today have recognized that the basic parameters of their markets and business models will change in the future. Often, these changes are not driven by familiar industry players, but by outside - and often young - companies who rely on digital business models. As a consequence, it is often company strategies that are tested for adequate answers to the change processes involved. Not all companies are prepared for this or possess sufficient resources to advance these processes in a goal-oriented way.



As Interim Executive, we take on operational responsibility for the formulation and implementation of any necessary steps forward for repositioning your company. Our corporate consultants formulate a clear objective plan, design digital strategies, and give helpful orientation for mastering the complex matrix of potentials, opportunities, and risks. We create the necessary momentum and ensure the realization of company objectives through actively imparting strategic expertise to the leadership staff involved and the targeted use of political dynamics within the company:

-       Formulation of / Agreement on strategic orientation

-       Analysis of internal and external framework

-       Derivation of goals / Measures planning

-       Roadmap creation for the change process

-       Review / Adaptation of organization for process establishment / procedures

-       Communication of changes involved

-       Active implementation of corresponding measures

-       Empowerment of company leadership and staff



From strategy comes reality. We support you in reorienting your company by actively and reliably working to ensure the successful realization of your strategy in all areas of the company. Our corporate consultants create customer-specific innovative digital analyses and give you sound strategic orientation.

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