Workshop Series: "Innovation Methods"


It is often not generating the right ideas that causes the greatest difficulties for companies, but carrying these ideas through to a market-ready solution. Various styles of innovation management can be found in practice – with small as well as large companies, regardless of industry: from institutionalized approaches with well-defined responsibilities and structured processes based at board-level all the way to undefined circumstances where innovation can in fact happen, but where it unclear what has lead to the success of some projects. If the implementation and market introduction of ideas is rather difficult in your company as well, then you would be advised to inform yourself as to what form of innovation management is optimal for you.



In the workshop "Innovation Kick-off," we spend the course of a day leading you through the basic principles of innovation and clarifying together the goals and potential orientation of the innovation processes in your organization. Here it is recommended that you determine the perception of innovation that is prevalent in your company through a preliminary survey offered by our institute. Essential elements and methods of the workshop are:


-       Clarification and formulation of objectives for your company innovation processes

-       Future-proof positioning through expanded focus

-       Improved idea generation and opening of new product areas

-       Business-model innovation and new business areas

-       Innovation philosophy

-       Innovation strategy

-       Innovation management

-       Innovation culture

-       Innovation controlling

-       Best practices in innovation management



The workshop offers a fast but thorough overview of the foundations, functions, and forms of innovation management and clearly reveals which innovation strategy best fits your company, what tools and methods are used by the most successful proponents of various strategies, and how a suitable overall system can thus emerge for your company. Our consultants always provide strategic input that is both innovative and goal-oriented.

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