Workshop: "Developing a Business Model" (One-Day Workshop)


The overwhelming majority of all business model innovations are not based on brilliant new ideas, but emerge through the recombination of known business model patterns or the transfer of corresponding principles from one industry to another. If your company has already worked on the development of a new business model, or if you are now confronted with this necessity, then you are familiar with the complexity involved and with the necessity of quickly sketching, presenting, evaluating, and developing business models. This workshop offers you indispensable help in this area.



The workshop "Developing a Business Model" illuminates existing patterns for business models and possibilities for recombining or transferring their component elements. With our patented in-house trend cycle method, we show you how you can quickly and simply sketch, visualize, and present business models with respect to the corresponding business environment, either alone or in a team. We end the day by looking at possibilities for evaluating initial business model sketches / presentations. The essential elements and methods of the workshop are:


-       Existing patterns of business model concepts  

-       Business model innovation through recombination / transfer

-       Business model development

-       Trend cycle method - Familiarization and Application

-       Possibilities for development / evaluation



The workshop explains the main features of existing business model concepts and what possibilities exist for developing new business models for your company using this foundation. During the workshop, the required methods are tested through practical examples, and the results are then evaluated using carefully selected and proven innovation methods. As part of the workshop "Developing a Business Model," our consultants show you existing patterns for business models and the possibility of recombining or transferring elements of these patterns.



During the course of this workshop, you will be enabled to find new business model ideas for your company based on the basic patterns of existing business models and to sketch, visualize, present, and evaluate these ideas using a highly efficient method. You are then free to use this knowledge as well with your staff or teams at any time for the continuing development of your organization. Our consultants support you not only in the development of your business model, but also in the implementation of your innovation strategy within the company.



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