Consulting and the Development of Future Scenarios for Your Company and Your Industry


Many companies today have recognized that the basic parameters of their markets and business models will change in the future. Often, these changes are not driven by familiar industry players, but by outside - and often young - companies who rely on digital business models. As a consequence, it is often company strategies that are tested for adequate answers to the change processes involved:


  • Towards precisely what picture of the future should / could / must the corresponding plans and change processes be oriented?

  • What strategic goals can be derived from corresponding scenarios for a time frame of five to ten years?

  • How can the transformation process be shaped from the current situation to the achievement of the company's strategic goals?

  • What organizational consequences will this have?



In the first three project phases, our future-oriented business consulting creates a well-founded, clearly understandable, and easily communicable strategic goal for the process with its impact analysis for the evaluation of the relevant trends and drivers and with the development and evaluation of various future scenarios. Based on this picture of the future, the corporate strategy is then developed in the fourth project phase, and the roadmap leading from the current situation to the achievement of the strategic goal is defined.


  • Phase 1: Leadership Trend Cycle (Trends, Innovations, Drivers, Players)

  • Phase 2: Impact Analysis (Key / Influencing Factors, Strength of Effect)

  • Phase 3: Scenario Development (Evaluation for Consistency, Scenarios)

  • Phase 4: Strategy Development (Goals, Areas of Action, Options)



Your company will have developed a goal-oriented strategy for the future time frame of the next few years that will adequately react to foreseeable trends, innovations, and developments, and ensure a continuing successful position for your company on the market.



An essential benefit our future-consulting solution offers you is that we can give you a tried and tested framework for strategy development and implementation that is specifically adapted to your company's individual needs and current situation. Thus you can also be involved in the selection of the expert panel and in the discussions regarding all intermediate stages and results emerging over the course of several workshops.



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