Consulting and Support in Establishing Innovation Departments and Processes


It is often not developing the right ideas that causes the greatest difficulties for companies, but carrying these ideas through to a market-ready solution. Various styles of innovation management can be found in practice – with small as well as large companies, regardless of industry. Our experience shows that successful innovation management can only be developed through the very active and credible support of management and through the direct involvement company staff in the process.



Our consulting approach here is geared toward a bottom-up mobilization of your employees throughout a multistage process. It is only personally implementing and experiencing real-life project initiatives and results that will lead to a culture of innovation that will be carried by your staff and lived out with enthusiasm. To this end, we envision the following work phases for the establishment of an innovation management system and the creation of a culture of innovation:


  • Definition of the frame of reference for the task
  • Achievement of a thorough understanding of the current situation
  • Creating orientation for future innovation management 
  • Evaluation of the innovation pipeline
  • Building self-confidence through lighthouse projects 
  • Active call for participation and ideas



The consulting process will lead to clarification regarding the goals and strategic fields of action for your innovation management system. Then, based on company perspectives and existing activities, it will define and implement structures and processes towards a global solution that fits your company. 


The emphasis here is not on an innovation strategy that has already fundamentally been defined, but on the awareness of activities already in play and the direct involvement of your employees. This will lead to a significantly higher level of transparency and thus to more acceptance and commitment for innovation efforts on the part of your staff – making you comprehensively faster and more successful in this key area.

For questions about this workshop or 2b AHEAD's other innovative consulting solutions, please feel free to contact me by email at or by phone at +49 341 12479610.

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