Consulting and Support with Open Innovation (Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing, etc.)


Analyze the most innovative major companies of the past few years, and it quickly becomes obvious that a key pattern differentiates them from conventional organizations: They actively involve all players in their value-added chains, in their creative processes, in some of their decision making, and occasionally even in their revenue streams as well. Companies that today are faced with the challenge of becoming more modern often - and successfully - choose the path of establishing and living out open innovation processes of their own.



There is no general description for how the right open innovation process will look for every company. This must be set up on an individual basis. Often the process will consist of various parts, including virtual communication- and collaboration tools as well as real-world open-innovation elements. The 2b AHEAD ThinkTank gladly supports its customers in creating open innovation processes.

One essential element, however, is shared by successful open innovation approaches – they begin with a real-world kickoff. The 2b AHEAD ThinkTank is experienced in organizing and directing such open spaces. These units are conceivable both within a given company as well as within an industry, or even in the public sector for a local community. Leading innovative minds from various companies within the 2b AHEAD network are integrated into our open spaces as external experts, coaches, and consultants. 



A major open space event involves the entire company staff. It bundles their creativity and their lateral competencies and motivates them to bring their ideas into the company and to pursue them for its overall benefit. Open space events are treasure troves for innovative ideas of all sizes. Provided that the momentum gained is sustainably and intelligently supported, these events are the best possible basis for launching a major innovation- or change process. 


Example: Germany's first public open space

In 2009, 2b AHEAD dared to make an experiment: For the first time in Germany, local residents were invited to a public open space. In a large creative workshop, together with leading regional thinkers and under the expert direction of ten innovation managers from major corporations in the ThinkTank's community, they developed ideas for the future of their city (2020).

On October 18, 2009, 516 residents of Oldenburg gathered at a shopping center converted for this purpose. On a single day, they produced nearly 2500 thoughts for the future of their city. Politicians, residents, and the media greeted this new form of public participation and civic planning with enthusiasm. The key demand: These kind of open spaces should be held regularly! And: public leaders should become hosts for the ideas discovered during the open spaces. The ideal case: "Politicians turn into coaches!" 

After the major success of the first public open space, future ThinkTank events are also slated to involve similar  forms of innovative public participation and policy making.



For questions about this workshop or 2b AHEAD's other innovative consulting solutions, please feel free to contact me by email at or by phone at +49 341 12479610.

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