Digital Readiness Assessment (DRA)

Orientation and action recommendations for digital transformation

We would like to take companies out of the constant trade-off between the opportunities and risks of digitalization, to show our customers concrete solutions and offer them a clear way out. The Digital Readiness Assessment we have developed together with KPMG views companies holistically, analyzes them effectively, and focuses them on taking meaningful actions. The DRA enables a sustainable, tailor-made strategy that directly offers added value from square one.

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Identify and evaluate your company's digital maturity ...

Our experience has shown that, in all cases, strategy development requires the use of proven methods, structures, and processes that are intelligently adapted to the company and its aims. This is certainly a difficult thing in the area of digital transformation because currently only a handful of companies have implemented any promising digital strategies – and also because a company's own strategy can therefore only be oriented on a very limited scale to similar successful approaches others have tried. How can this dilemma be solved? Our recommendation: Begin by identifying and evaluating the digital maturity of your company.


... in all 7 key areas

With this kind of Digital Readiness Assessment, you will receive a very precise evaluation of your company's digital maturity in seven decisive areas:


·       Strategy

·       Culture

·       Monitoring

·       Customers

·       Organization and control

·       Technology management

·       People and capabilities


If you would like to learn more about the Digital Readiness Assessment, the demo tool, or other consulting solutions of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, I would love to help. Contact me by email at or by phone at +49 341 124 796 10.

Forscher Innovation 2bahead Zukunftsszenarien


Forscher Innovation 2bahead Zukunftsszenarien


Forscher Innovation 2bahead Zukunftsszenarien


Forscher Innovation 2bahead Zukunftsszenarien

Organization and Control

Forscher Innovation 2bahead Zukunftsszenarien


Forscher Innovation 2bahead Zukunftsszenarien

Technology Management

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