One-day workshop: Innovation methods

Every innovation process is unique


It is often not generating the right ideas that causes the greatest difficulties for companies, but carrying these ideas through to a market-ready solution. 


Innovation management is no one-size-fits-all solution. In practice a huge variety of formats exists which varies by company size and culture. If the realization and market launch of ideas is difficult for your organization, we recommend engaging with feasible options for innovation management in your specific business environment. 


From overview to understanding – Workshop content 

Within a single day, you will learn the fundamental principles of innovation management and identify the aims and possible configurations of the innovation process in your company. You will also learn how to take what you have learned to drive innovation forward. We suggest the additional option of assessing your company's understanding of innovation through our preliminary survey.


The workshop includes these topics and methods:


- Clarifying and formulating the goals for your innovation process

- Future-proof positioning through an expanded business focus 

- Improved ideation – Product innovation and opening new product areas

- Business-model innovation and new business areas

- Understanding of innovation

- Innovation strategy

- Innovation management

- Innovation culture

- Innovation controlling

- Best practices for innovation management

Develop new perspectives: The right innovation process for your company

This workshop offers a quick, yet well-founded overview of the principles, functions, and approaches of innovation management. It clarifies the innovation strategy that is best for you, what tools and methods are used by the most successful proponents of leading strategies, and how your company can develop an overall system that best fits your specific needs. Our consultants always present you innovative, goal-oriented ways to achieve success in today's market.

For more information on the one-day workshop "Innovation methods" and questions about how you can successfully drive innovation forward in your company, please feel free to contact me personally at jö or by phone at +49 341 12 47 96 10.

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