Workshop Series: "Strategy Development"


Many companies today have recognized that the basic parameters of their markets and business models will change in the future. Often, these changes are not driven by familiar industry players, but by outside - and often young - companies relying on digital business models. As a consequence, it is often companies' business strategies that are expected to provide adequate answers to the change processes involved. 



The workshop "Developing a Digital Strategy" shows you the essentials of strategy development and what tools and / or methods you can use to implement the various stages of the strategy development process quickly and efficiently. The essential elements and methods of the workshop are:


- Your business model as a foundation

- Trends and drivers in your business

- Macroeconomic developments and market circumstances 

- Industry-specific factors 

- SWOT analysis

- Analysis of new market opportunities

- Picture of the future for your company

- Company vision and strategy



Using the relevant trends, drivers, and developments of your industry as well as a SWOT analysis, the workshop builds on your company's existing business model in order to develop a comprehensive picture of your company's future from which the core vision and benchmarks for a future corporate strategy can be derived. During the workshop, the required methods are tested on practical examples, and the results are then evaluated using proven, carefully selected innovation methods.



Within the framework of the workshop, and using the basis of your company history and strengths, you will be enabled to find the right approaches to handling the challenges the future will bring for your organization. The vision and benchmark values of a future strategy are sketched, visualized, presented, and evaluated. Additionally, you are then free to use this knowledge in-house at any time for the continuing development of your organization.

For questions about this workshop or 2b AHEAD's other innovative consulting solutions, please feel free to contact me by email at or by phone at +49 341 12479610.

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