Incubate - Consulting und Prozessbegeleitung

INCUBATE - Consulting and Process Support

We lead you to disruptive innovations. Our consultants establish "Rulebreaker®" processes and incubators in your company. With our patented in-house methods, we help your company to implement powerful innovations through entrepreneurial projects despite the limitations of existing corporate structures. Our experts are experienced in advising both large corporations as well as startups, and will support you in prototype development and market testing for new business models. In cases of customer interest, we take on the risk involved through entrepreneurial investments in the business models discovered together.

Products and Services for Consulting Projects and Process Support

You are interested in a solution where a standardized product would not be feasible – this is why there is no standardized product sheet! Please contact us directly: We would be thrilled to offer you a solution tailored to your individual needs. Please contact:

Jan Berger

Managing Director, Phone: +49 341 12 47 96 10, E-Mail:

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