2b AHEAD Academy: 6 Inspiration Days (Progressive)


Many companies have come to realize that the basic parameters of their markets and business models will change in the next few years. Often, these changes are not driven by familiar industry players, but by market outsiders - often new companies - who rely on digital business models. As a result, corporate strategy is faced with the challenge of finding an adequate answer to the change processes involved.



The 2b AHEAD Academy is a solution that offers companies inspiration and goal-oriented running support with choosing the proper strategies and with taking the first steps in implementing these. The Academy takes place over three months and consists of six modules in total. Each module contains both an on-location event as well as further information, materials, and tasks for participating employees / company leaders:


  •  Module 1: Status quo analysis, forecasts & situation assessment

  •  Module 2: Trends, technologies & company future scenario

  •  Module 3: Vision and mission, desired outward image

  •  Module 4: Derivation of goals for core areas / core business

  •  Module 5: Agreement concerning measures & implementation planning

  •  Module 6: Internal communication & corporate culture



The Academy program is run by the experienced consultants of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, and its implementation is supported by top managers from the institute's network of key innovators and business leaders. In discussion with you as the customer, the exact content is adapted to the goals and specific emphases of your organization's strategic process.



Your company will have developed a goal-oriented strategy for the next few years that will adequately react to foreseeable trends, innovations, and developments, and ensure a continuing successful position for your company on the market.



An essential advantage of this solution is that we offer you a tried and tested framework for strategy development and implementation that is individually tailored to your situation and company needs. With the support of the Academy, the adaptation of your corporate strategy will occur over a relatively short time. At the same time, two key things will be achieved: a high result validity thanks to the view of other companies, industries, and best practices offered by the Academy, as well as the new capability of the participating members of your team to act in a more future-oriented way in their daily work and to implement your corporate strategy and bring it to life.



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