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The digital revolution affects virtually all industries and is changing markets, competition scenarios, and business models faster than was even recently imaginable. And the speed will continue to increase: Moore's Law has already been overtaken. Looking ten years in the future today is equivalent to looking 20 years in the past. Gesture controls, thought control systems, virtual reality, and intelligent assistants will fundamentally transform our living and working environments in the near future. If you would like the opportunity to experience tomorrow's gadgets, trends, and technologies today, or if you would like to provide a fascinating hands-on experience for your team or your customers, and if you would like to instill excitement for new possibilities and inspiring new ideas for the future, then a 2b AHEAD Inspiration day is the right solution for you.



Experience the latest gadgets and devices hands-on as part of our Inspiration day, a solution especially suitable for staff or customer events (including large groups). Participants will move through a scenario with various stations and game sequences while receiving helpful background information on applications for the various devices presented, and can try out those that are already function-ready today. Google GlassOculus Rift, the Emotiv Headset, and Leap Motion gesture control are ready for you to try. To ensure that the (team) experience and the fascination surrounding the new technologies and trends don't come up short, you will be given playful tasks to fulfill at various stations. Fly drones through an obstacle course, accomplish missions with the help of gesture control, compete with robots, and test your knowledge of future trends and prognoses in an interactive quiz.



Your employees and / or customers will test and experience the latest trends, gadgets, and technologies live. The hands-on nature of the activities makes it easy to place the opportunities and new perspectives offered by these technologies in the picture of the future we communicate to you in the course of the workshop.



With our Inspiration day, we offer you an exciting, memorable, and fascinating opportunity to gain direct access to the technologies that will significantly shape the future living and working environments of your customers. The Inspiration day, with its combination of fascinating technologies and game elements, also offers an excellent incentive event for your customers or staff.



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