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Does innovation play an important role in your company? Should your customers and team members feel, deep-down, that your company really thinks carefully about future topics and should become the leading innovator in your industry? If so, then set the subject of innovation in focus at your corporate events. Whether it's customer days, staff seminars, conferences, or conventions ... the keynotes from the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank belong to the most fascinating speeches about the future that can be booked today.



With its visionary keynotes, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank constantly fascinates its audiences at company events, congresses, and conventions. We offer both a stimulating and concise view into the future and an optimal and well-illustrated presentation in all of our keynotes. In our exciting and entertaining speeches, we deliver cutting-edge trend analyses, tip-offs regarding new business models, inspiration from other industries, visions for new partnerships, and creative fuel for new products. One of our key strengths, which is also evident in our keynotes, is our trendsetting power and our ability to bring vivid images to the minds of our listeners. We unfold our scenarios so realistically that our audiences truly feel transported to the future.


The foundation for all keynotes by the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank is the future scenario "Living Environments 2028". This cross-sector picture of the future is presented as a day in the life of an imaginary person in the year 2028. The scenario is developed annually by 250 CEOs and innovative thinkers at the annual 2b AHEAD Future Congress. Our speakers also draw input and inspiration from Germany's most exciting book on trends "2025 - How We'll Work in the Future" and our book on success strategies "Rulebreakers® - How the People Think Whose Ideas Are Changing the World."



Participants leave our Keynotes full of visionary ideas, with new future-oriented powers of invention and innovative concepts. They have genuinely felt that our world is changing, and in ten years will look significantly different from today. And they have come to truly understand that this transformation offers great opportunities for new business models — for those companies and individuals who joyfully and courageously choose to shape the future themselves. Those who experience us as speakers are always a step ahead of the latest trends.



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