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Within the framework of staff development, more and more companies are attempting to bind future leadership talent (high potentials in lower and middle management) to the company and to provide further qualification on an individual basis. In other words, here companies need to sound out limitations, skills, and talent, to engage with future topics, and to acquire capability in developing solutions that can offer valuable ideas and inspiration for the company.



Our workshop solution for future talent combines information and inspiration for trends and business drivers with hands-on experience for company staff and methodical knowledge with clear, concrete application, all of which promotes better engagement with the corresponding future topics and with the development and implementation of solution strategies. Essential modules of the innovative workshop are:


-       Trends and drivers for the company's business

-       The company's individual future scenario

-       Experiencing the past and the future

-       Aims and basic principles for innovation

-       Researching content and experts

-       Organizing communication and teamwork

-       Practical project management: Mastering tasks together



This innovative workshop will give participants ideas, inspiration, and know-how for the organization, communication, and content work related to company-relevant future topics.



Our day-long workshops "Innovation kick-Off" and  "Business model development" transfer know-how about the basics of innovation and business model development. The event solution "Experience the future" offers a deeper look at the future your company will face.

The knowledge offered in the initial workshop can further be deepened in the 2b AHEAD Academy segment "Staff development." We would also gladly support and advise your company in the establishment or re-orientation of its innovation management. For the corresponding consulting products, please contact us directly.




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