Consulting and future-scenario development for your company and your industry


What will your company's future look like? Find out through our customer-specific future scenarios.

Many companies have realized that the basic parameters of their markets and business models will change in the near future. Verifying the company business model to secure a relevant solution for future changes is a critical success factor.


Commissioning individualized future scenarios offers you the following advantages:

Develop a goal-oriented strategy for the next few years

Secure a long-term successful market position 

Enable fast and systematic reactions to emergent trends, developments, and innovations 

Personal, custom-tailored consulting for your company 


An essential benefit our future consulting offers you is a tried and tested framework for strategy development and implementation that is specifically adapted to your company's individual needs and current situation. You can also be involved in the selection of the expert panel and in the discussions about all intermediate stages and results over the course of several workshops.


"The goal of the consulting work of Dr. Wallner and his team was to develop new business and success models with the help of future scenarios and trend analyses as well as current market standards so that we could get a good feel for our future business model. I especially appreciated 2b AHEAD's support as we tackled the entire development and transformation process from scratch. For us it was great to see how a Vision 2025 for our company developed that was also paired to a company mission. The accompanying roadmap with scheduled project plans rounded off the path to a new organization for our structures and processes!" 

Markus Wagner, CEO of Hans Wagner GmbH 


The four project phases

In the first three project phases, our future-oriented business consulting creates a well-founded, clearly understandable, and easily communicable strategic goal. To begin, our leadership trend cycle enables you to evaluate the players, developments, and technologies that affect your business. This is followed up by the two-phase impact analysis of relevant trends and drivers. In phase three, various possible future scenarios are developed and evaluated. Based on this picture of the future, a business strategy is then developed in the final project phase and we define the roadmap from the current situation to the achievement of your strategic goals.


  • Phase 1: Leadership trend cycle (trends, innovations, drivers, players)
  • Phase 2: Impact analysis (key / influence factors, impact)
  • Phase 3: Scenario development (consistency evaluation, scenarios)
  • Phase 4: Strategy development (goals, action areas, options)

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