Innovative thinking as team responsibility

We demand boundary-breaking thinking from our strategy consultants, scientists, project managers, and interns. To promote this unique form of thinking and acting, we have created an open corporate culture based on togetherness and trust. Every employee, from CEO to intern, truly lives out this culture, constantly gaining inspiration for new ideas and innovations. We are committed team players. Always open for new ideas, we trust in the feedback of our colleagues and do not hesitate to speak out our opinions. Our project teams are compiled from multiple disciplines and can be reformed according to our customers' needs. This secures the exchange of experience and ideas between staff members within our own marketplace of ideas.


While the responsibilities of our employees vary widely, they have one thing in common: They are all characterized by a high degree of responsibility and autonomy. Interns take on responsibility for sub-projects. Strategy consultants and scientists manage entire customer projects. This guarantees continual growth for our staff.


The typical workday of our interns, consultants, and researchers knows no rigid requirements. We demand flexibility of thought from our staff and guarantee a fluid corporate structure. We grow with our employees and give them the freedom they need to shape their private and family lives. We support all of our staff, from interns to consultants to our directors, in implementing their ideas for innovations or startups of their own.


Work time based on trust is an everyday reality. We do not measure ourselves in terms of overtime, but in how far we exceed our customers' expectations. To this end, we provide our staff with the necessary home office arrangements, notebook PCs, and company smartphones. We have provided our team of interns with a furnished apartment that can be used free of charge. Our team spirit doesn't stop with the successful conclusion of a consulting project. In our experience, the solidarity of our strategy consultants, scientists, project managers, and interns is noticeably strengthened through regular activities outside of our consulting structures. It is this team spirit that we actively reinforce in our team when interns and company directors slug it out on the volleyball court together, hold a hackathon on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast, or visit the capitals of the Balkans on an incentive tour.

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