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We see the diversity of our staff members as a guarantee for our growth and customer satisfaction. We know no generic qualifications profiles for our open positions, be that for interns, consulting staff, or research experts. Our recruiting requirements reflect the diversity of our tasks and our team members.


Our interns, strategy consultants, and scientists come from a huge variety of academic backgrounds. They have - or are working on - degrees in Sociology, Political Science, Future Studies, Theology, Media Education, Literature, and Economics. Consequently, we're not looking for people with specialized scientific degrees. Instead, we look for people who think in ways that make it possible for us to develop digital strategies for our broad range of clients. We look for lateral thinkers. We look for people who are offensive to conventional patterns of thinking ... and who are ready to demolish them.


We are looking for digital revolutionaries who see digitalization as an opportunity for creating and implementing new business models. We are looking for team players who are used to actively shaping processes, who openly state their opinions, and who contribute new ideas. We are looking for specialists and generalists who support our customers in a wide variety of consulting projects and who view their growth as our growth.

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