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Connect to the future – with us.


The 2b AHEAD Club unites the most innovative thinkers from all industries. It offers a platform for decision makers and pioneer thinkers who are not only interested in the future that lies beyond predictable trends, but who also want to actively shape it. 


Become a select member of the 2b AHEAD Club and part of one of Europe's largest networks of innovators. 


Meet the people who will not only take you and your company further, but society as well.


Develop the business models of the future together with our experts.

Benefits of club membership


Club members...

  • receive direct contact to all innovators in the club network and priority access to the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank's top thinkers

  • gain innovative impulses on national and international club travels

  • are free to participate not only in our highly popular Future Lounges, but also in exclusive network events like the annual Club Meeting and "Meet the Directors"

  • can book our congresses, travels, and events under significantly preferential conditions, and

  • meet to dialogue with selected speakers at private "Club Sessions" during our events

  • receive access to exclusive presentations, speeches, and research papers from the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank

  • read our studies prior to official publication

  • are involved in our studies are sparring partners

  • receive free access to the top 30 trends with the 2b AHEAD TrendSonar