Development of action corridors

Breathing space for your company's future

Gesture and thought controls, virtual realities, and intelligent assistants will massively transform how we live and work in the near future. Take advantage of this workshop solution from 2b AHEAD business consulting and develop action corridors tailored to your company's needs.


Compact workshop

Refreshing inspiration, valuable information, and a space for experience – all conceptual elements of this workshop. The results from the workshop session, paired with expert knowledge from 2b AHEAD research provide a foundation for important strategic recommendations and a concrete, individualized action plan you will develop together with our veteran consultants. With this action plan, your company will be well equipped on its way to an exciting future.


Our workshop offers you:

Information about the trends, drivers, and innovations that are relevant to your company

Future scenarios and study results

Action corridors for your company

Creative session for generating and evaluating ideas

Strategy session for knowledge transfer to your company

Methods training and support for the ongoing process

Action planning 

Feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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