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TrendSonar is your data-as-a-service tool for real-time trend data analysis. With just a few clicks, you will receive an intelligent analysis of emerging trends. TrendSonar accurately detects and analyzes even weak and underdeveloped trends and signals, technologies in development, and startup newcomers.


The TrendSonar can be fine-tuned to your needs for specific industries, technologies, or topics. The software can be used through a simple browser and is cloud-supported.


Automated, real-time digital trend analyses –  The advantages:

Forscher Innovation 2bahead Zukunftsszenarien

You identify trends as soon as they appear. Real-time information on new developments, innovation drivers, and startups provides you with a decisive competitive advantage.

Forscher Innovation 2bahead Zukunftsszenarien

You stop wasting valuable time with resource-intensive desk research thanks to intelligent data mining. 

Forscher Innovation 2bahead Zukunftsszenarien

You generate trend knowledge specific to your industry, your products, and your company – in just a few clicks, with direct access to relevant articles and publications.

Forscher Innovation 2bahead Zukunftsszenarien

You profit from expert knowledge. Our in-house TrendSonar experts are available to interested users for induction and reporting. 

The TrendSonar currently has access to more than 25 million scientific sources. We developed this product together with our partners trommsdorff + drüner and DFKI, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, in order to guarantee a thoroughly scientific approach to our data-driven trend research. 


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"Free Trial TrendSonar"


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