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With the help of  scientific methods, our trend analysts analyze the key developments and trends for the coming five to ten years. Our trend studies, analyses, and books name the essential strategic drivers for the future of the industries and subjects examined. They explain which actors are driving which trends - and for what reasons. Using the roadmaps, plans, and expectations of trendsetting players, our research develops a comprehensive model of the future. The trends described in our publications are intended as aids for strategic orientation.


Vision of the future for strategic development

Those who want a clear vision of the future regarding the developments in their industry in the next ten years can, as a next step, define their desired role in this future and use it to develop their strategies, goals, and processes. We do all of this for our customers. The development of a realistic vision of the future is the first step to making your company future-proof.


Scientific future research

In arriving at our conclusions, we use various established scientific methods. These include both the Delphi method for future studies and the scenario technique as well as our exclusive "trend cycle method." For more information, please see our "Methods" page.


For our cooperative future studies, we discuss the questions involved in the analysis; from that point on, we work as independent scientific experts. Following the Delphi method, an established method in the field of future studies, we conduct expert interviews over two interview waves. The results include a quantitative scientific study of approximately 50 pages in length which is published free of charge and thus made available to the general public. The results seldom correspond with the expectations of the industry — in contrast, they go far beyond that perspective and help to considerably shape the often heated discussions on the subjects in congresses and the media.


In trend analyses, we investigate specific technologies and trends with regard to their potential for disruptively transforming existing business models. Following intensive research, we speak with the developers of such technologies themselves, and then derive use cases, opportunities, and risks for existing business models, as well as the effects that will be felt across industries.


Publications based on our future research

Our books place the results of our scientific word in a broader context. How will we live and work in ten years? How will our values change? How will markets develop, how will we live our daily lives, and how will they be influenced by technologies that are still in their infancy today? How will HR specialists recruit qualified experts in the world of full employment?


Our topics range from logistics (e.g., commerce in the future, the future of insurance, customer dialogue, omnichannel management, or trends in the HR sector) to medicine (personalized medicine, health trends, etc.) to industry (the future of logistics, the automotive sector) and individual technologies (e.g. self-driving cars, drones, or augmented / virtual reality). Here you will find an overview of upcoming study topics for the next few months. If you are interested in one of these topics, please contact us to become a partner for the corresponding study.

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