2025 - How We'll Work in the Future: Our Bestselling Trend Book

In their book, "2025 - How We'll Work in the Future," Sven Gábor Jánszky and Professor Lothar Abicht take an intense look at the challenges the future holds for both companies and employees. Ignoring vague megatrend prophecies, the authors vividly show their readers what real life will look like over the course of a normal working day in the year 2025.


But what does "normal" mean?


We will soon experience the world of full employment and job nomads, life-long knowledge coaches, robots that explain our tasks to us, companies with no employees, and mayors of education and the campaign slogan "University for everyone!," 60-year-old start-up founders, the retirement age of 80, and much more!


Discover the most innovative trends and biggest opportunities for your future in this exciting trip to the year 2025!

This book is currently available in the German language only. To order a copy today, please click here.



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