2006: "The disappearance of the middle class"

Forecast: The definitive trend in society and business for the next ten years will be the disappearance of the middle class. Government subsidies, taxes, social security, health — society's middle class is shrinking, and with it that consumer layer towards which most of our business models are targeted.

Status today: In most industries, the initial market period with its economy segment at the bottom, its small premium segment at the top, and an oversize standard segment in between has long since ceased to exist. The standard segment is vanishing. Not only the financial situation of consumers, but also primarily digitalization has lead to the disappearance of this layer of society. It has also, however, lead many companies to realize what the digital business models of a society without a middle will look: 1. Highly digitalized and optimized for the price-performance ratio in the new economy segment. 2. Identity management as main consumer principle in the premium segment, which has also become larger. 

Source: Trend Analysis: Longing for Extinction — Business Models in a Society Without a Middle

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