2013: "3D printing will change traditional industries"

Forecast: In the next ten years, 3D printing will change many industries. Initially, this will mostly be industries with a heavy emphasis on the production of replacement parts, as well as industries with high potential for individualization such as the furniture, toy, and kitchenware industries. In the long run, however, the traditional business models of entirely different types of industries will come under attack: home construction, medicine, the food industry, etc.

Status today: An enormous technological leap can already be observed: the early prototypes of 3D printers are now in serial production and can now be obtained by virtually any consumer at low prices. Additionally, considerable resources are being invested in the continuing development of printable materials, be it solid materials for home construction, human tissue for the medical sector, or organic matter for food products. 

Source: Trend analysis: What Business Models Lie in 3D Printing?

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