2013: "The Dawn of the Full Employment Era"

Forecast: In 2025, 6.5 million more people will have left the German job market than have entered it. As a result, there will permanently be a gap of 2-5 million unstaffable jobs. The job market will tip from being a supply market to being a demand market, and in the process the power will slide into the hands of job seekers and employees. Another result will be that 40% of the job market will be project workers who have no long-term attachment to an employer, but rather to a specific project, and who will change companies every two to three years. For the companies themselves, this will be the greatest and most expensive challenge of the coming years. They will react to this challenge with new HR strategies, primarily becoming either fluid companies or caring companies.

 Status today: The beginning of this trend, previously classified as a lack of expert workers, has already become a real crisis in many industries today. Companies are no longer getting the workers that they need to operate. Unemployment figures are falling constantly, and in the coming years will approach the situation of full employment. Numerous corporations are slowly starting to recognize the seriousness of the situation and are developing countermeasures. The full force of this demographic shift, however, will not be felt until after 2020.

Source: Trend Analysis: Full Employment Threatens Companies

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