2014: "Data Protection Will Be Replaced Through Privacy by Design"

Forecast: In the future there will no longer be a real norm for data protection. Instead, the business models of tomorrow will be shaped by the basic consensus that citizens will want to disclose their data — while still retaining sovereignty over it. We will want to take advantage of the promises offered by new technologies without losing control and self-determination in our lives. The level of privacy that we would like to thereby be preserved varies with each individual. This means a change in thinking for companies. In the future, the focus will no longer be on producing standard products and services and later deciding how to put a certain level of data security over these. Rather, companies will orient products toward the requirements of various privacy levels even during the conception phase. Products will thus be designed, produced, and used in up to six key privacy levels.  

Status today: Although this subject is increasingly becoming important, recognition of this trend is only beginning. A number of years will be needed before the trend finds expression in corporate strategy.

Source: Trend Analysis: What Comes After the Recent Data Privacy Scandals? The New Privacy by Design!

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