2015: "Omnichannel customer dialogue will lead to adaptive products"

Forecast: In ten years, customers in B2C industries will universally be served by the omnichannel management. In this approach, every possible contact point is connected into an integrated whole. This new form of customer dialogue will shape the world we live in and thus also the expectations customers place on the insurer of their choice. Omnichannel management will lead to new job descriptions and will change job profiles at the core of tomorrow's companies. The approach will open new product opportunities for all market players. The basis of these new products will be the trust customers will place in these products and in personal digital assistants. Omnichannel management will also affect incentivization; our study suggests using the development of long-term customer value as a basis here.

Status today: The development of omnichannel strategies is already changing strategic processes in many industries. However, this mostly involved the initial version of omnichannel strategy, a phase where trial and error lie side-by-side. The truly professional establishment of corresponding omnichannel structures will take several years for the greater mass of companies.

 Source: Trend Study: Omnichannel Management for Insurance: How Insurers Can Future-Proof Their Customer Dialogue

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