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Scientific trend studies for your industry

Sustainable strategic planning requires a long-term time frame – even if a decade seems to be a challenging forecast scale! Based on proven scientific methods, our scientists and trend researchers develop detailed future scenarios in our in-house trend studies for executives, leading innovators, change managers, and all company leaders involved in shaping the strategy of their organizations. Our studies provide both a theoretical foundation as well as concrete operational orientation.

Use our studies to launch custom-tailored future strategies

With the touch of expert journalists, we expertly combine key market trends, powerful innovations, and promising research results into our trend analyses. We have no intention of erecting any monuments to the cumbersome formulations of canned theory. The popular science style of our studies, oriented towards concrete future scenarios, ensures that the knowledge we have attained actually gets where it can be effective: in board room discussions and in the heads of leading decision makers. Highly scientific, riveting, and often as exciting as bestselling novels, our studies always remain authentic and focused on real-world scenarios, never losing themselves in the fog of fortune-telling. 

The trend studies of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank

  • focus on your industry and your specific questions
  • offer with their conclusions a multilayered future scenario 
  • are based on proven scientific methods for qualitative social research
  • are precise and clearly written
  • contain concrete action recommendations for strategic business decisions
  • are informed by the statements of commercial innovation drivers (network of 1,500 leading innovators) 
  • base their predictions on the theory of exponential growth 

Our latest trend study

Knowing emerging trends means being able to act before the competition

With our trend studies, you will gain valuable strategic action recommendations for positioning yourself successfully towards customers and competitors as a leading innovator in your industry.


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Overview of current studies

27.02.2018 Customer Dialogue 2025 – A Dialogue Between Intelligent Systems

New trend study: Customer Dialogue 2025 – A Dialogue Between Intelligent Systems > From the customer's perspective, dialogue with companies will...

16.01.2018 Trend study: The Future of Health Insurance

New trend study describes the transformation of traditional health insurance companies into predictive health promoters through 2030  > The...

12.10.2017 Trend study: Safety 2027

Safety and security will need to be supplemented by new terminology by 2027.  As a result of digitalization, virtually 100% of everyday objects,...

16.05.2017 The Future of Intellectual Property

*Patent and trademark offices struggle to keep up with the increasing speed of innovation and product life cycles as well as with growing numbers of...

15.05.2017 German companies view their businesses as poorly prepared for AI

Trend climate in German companies continues to be positive  * Most important new trend: Employee satisfaction is now a key focus for companies  *...

30.11.2016 Trend Study: The Future of Insurance

The trend researchers of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank have once again produced a groundbreaking trend study for the insurance industry – by now the...

27.09.2016 Executive Summary: Textile Customers 2026

* Technology is changing products and customer needs in textiles, fashion and apparel * Erase the terms "standard" and "mass market" from your...

07.09.2016 The Safe Building of the Future

 Technology will change our conception of safety and security * Safety will no longer be a question of walls, fences, or camera systems. Every...

31.08.2016 Trend Study: The Pharmacies of the Future

Digitalization will transform the roles and tasks of tomorrow's pharmacies: The Ten Drivers Behind the ChangesYour Chance to Shape the Future: Five...

16.12.2015 Trend Study: Omnichannel Management for Logistics

Omnichannel management places customer relations on an entirely new foundation. Logistics experts who today integrate and connect customer...

30.06.2015 The Personalized Medicine of the Future

The future of medicine will be personalized The idea of medical care specifically tailored to the individual is not new. However, in the future our...

20.03.2015 Omnichannel Management for the Future of Insurance

What will the future of insurance look like?  The insurance business is currently facing a profound period of upheaval. Technological developments...

10.03.2015 Omnichannel Management for Banks in the B2B Segment

The future of banking is omnichannel Customer communication that is integrated across all channels will be the new standard for companies in the near...

06.11.2014 HR Management of the Future: HR Strategies for the World of Full Employment

HR strategies for the future Together with sponsor SAP, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank has completed a qualitative trend study on the world of human...

11.09.2014 Insurance 2020

Innovation in insurance models Our new trend study, "Insurance 2020," was conducted in partnership with insurance carrier HUK Coburg and with Unify...

18.02.2014 The Future of Insurance

The insurance market of tomorrow Together with international insurance corporation Standard Life and communications services provider Unify, the 2b...

14.01.2014 The Future of Stationary Trade

Bringing innovation to the core stationary trade   The trend research specialists at the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank have published a new trend study on the...

14.10.2013 The Future of Sales

The trend towards digitalization The number of studies and white papers covering the emerging technology of mobile payment has multiplied heavily...

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