Customer Dialogue 2025 – A Dialogue Between Intelligent Systems

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New trend study: Customer Dialogue 2025 – A Dialogue Between Intelligent Systems


  • > From the customer's perspective, dialogue with companies will be superfluous in the future: Information exchange between customers and companies will occur over automated data transfer.

  • > Inter-bot communication will shape tomorrow's customer communication. By 2025, customer dialogue will have transformed to become a highly individualized process.

  • > Customers will use bots to make everyday life easier: Bots will gather and evaluate information for their customers, and will advise them and handle their affairs. Companies in 2025 will need to gear their business towards these bots: Rigid customer segments will disappear.



Together with study partners Genesys and IBM, the 2bAHEAD ThinkTank presents with "Customer Dialogue 2025 – A Dialogue Between Intelligent Systems" a scientific study that brings readers close to the customer dialogue of the future through its analysis of changing communication approaches by key change drivers.  



Customers of the future will communicate through their bots


The year 2025 will see a future where companies and customers will in fact communicate, but where the agents of communication will not necessarily be human. Progressive digitalization will shift customer dialogue away from interpersonal communication towards interaction between artificially intelligent systems. On the one hand, customers will increasingly outsource the handling of their tasks and wishes to bots, eventually leading to the fact that consumers will no longer be willing to spend their time on hold with customer service: Bots will take on the communication needs of their users, thus making everyday life much easier. At the same time, companies will use intelligent systems to evaluate data and support their employees in optimizing customer dialogue. The interaction between the customer's bots and the company's intelligent systems will be the hallmark of customer communication in 2025.   


Futurist Michael Carl, Managing Director of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTanks and study co-author, predicts: "The direct interaction with companies will become a waste of time. Anyone who still needs to interact with customer service in the future will know that something is wrong with the picture."  



The customer dialogue of 2025: A dialogue between intelligent systems


With a view of the late 2020s, we also examine the emergence of autonomous AI units – bots – that will serve many individuals while belonging to none. They will rather be distinct persons of their own, organized in their own society – the civilization of bots.  


Based on the results and insights of this work, we derive concrete strategic recommendations for all industries. Through these recommendations, along with our comprehensive picture of the future, providers can future-proof their companies today. 



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