The Future of Intellectual Property


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*Patent and trademark offices struggle to keep up with the increasing speed of innovation and product life cycles as well as with growing numbers of patent applications.


*Technology as a solution: By 2030, intelligent algorithms will already be able to evaluate the inventive step for patent applications; companies will use artificial intelligence for the management of their intellectual property.


*Blockchain solutions will revolutionize commercial property rights – and are already securing copyrights today.


*Omni-IP management systems will concentrate the entire intellectual property of a company: Staff know-how will be core capital for companies.


*The true value of intellectual property will be generated during customer interaction; it can therefore no longer be imitated, stolen, or copied. The result will be the death of plagiarism.



The death of plagiarism – How intellectual property will become forgery-proof


This is one of the findings of the recently published trend study “The Future of Intellectual Property” by the Leipzig-based trend research institute the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank and the Dennemeyer Group, the world’s largest full-service provider for the IP sector. The study is the first to describe how companies will generate, manage, protect, and exploit intellectual property through the use of technology in the future. However, it also shows how this will put the existing IPR system under pressure. The study offers 28 precise strategic recommendations for how IP managers, patent attorneys, and innovation managers across all industries can actively shape their future. The qualitative Delphi-method study is based on assessments by selected experts. These experts include scientists, patent attorneys with various areas of industry specialization, innovation managers, and technology providers.


Rapid innovation cycles mean that companies will act at a much faster pace than patent offices, leading to a subsequent speed gap and the creation of new protective mechanisms. Company staff will become more important not only due to demographic change, but also as carriers of know-how. They will be intensely wooed by tomorrow's caring companies and fluid companies. Omni-IP management will become indispensable for every company's growing pool of knowledge. Intellectual property rights will remain an important element here; however, companies will use them in a more targeted way in the future. The need for individualization will make all standardized products irrelevant, and the importance of brands will change. The growing amount of data will become the foundation of intellectual property, and interaction with the customer will be the place where new knowledge is generated. The result will be the death of plagiarism.


The following study has identified the most important drivers for the future within this radical new restructuring process. It explains what players are driving which trends, and for what reasons. Using the roadmaps, plans, and expectations of trendsetting stakeholders, it compiles a picture of the future of intellectual property through 2030. However, none of this is set in stone or inevitable – it remains, after all, the future. And it will be shaped by all of us.


We wish you an inspiring read


... and a great future!



Use the results of this study for your company


We wish our readers the same open-minded approach to the challenges of IP management, and that you will plan your future with the awareness that we can only influence change by actively shaping it. If you would like to transfer the know-how from this study to your company, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank and Dennemeyer Consulting are proud to offer you a Future Workshop for shaping the IP strategy of your company. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to help.


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