The Personalized Medicine of the Future

The future of medicine will be personalized

The idea of medical care specifically tailored to the individual is not new. However, in the future our idea of personalization, and thus of personalized medicine, will change. Personalized medicine is more than just a branch of medicine. It is a paradigm shift for the medicine of the future.


With data comes knowledge; with knowledge, power (and responsibility)


How people deal with their bodies in the future is one of the areas where we trend analysts see the greatest changes happening in the coming years. The reason for this is simple: The human body is probably the most important "object" that to date is not daily being measured using IT technologies. We human beings do not yet possess the possibility of transparently knowing the current data about our bodies at all times. Not yet! But this will soon be the case. And then what always happens will happen: As soon as things become quantified and measured, people receive transparency about information, the responsibility involved with using it, and the possibility of daily optimization.

The future of medicine will largely be shaped by the personal responsibility of every individual for the daily optimization of personal health and for striving "not to get sick." Established healthcare professions will have to prepare for the time when they will hardly have the opportunity to offer health care! Our new study arrived at the key realization that that there is no question about whether personalized medicine will come or not. It will come, because there is both supply and demand. What remains unseen is what shape it will be given by the various stakeholders involved.


Healthcare of tomorrow places patient back on center stage


Personalized medicine places the individual back in focus and perceives individual users in a different way: as people who act in a competent and informed way, who would like to improve their health and actively influence this process. The human being at the center of a personal healthcare network is no longer merely the suffering individual who lacks something, a deficient object of medical treatment.


Who will tomorrow's key players be?


Entire health networks will appear around the individual person. And the hubs of these networks will be occupied both by the traditional players in the healthcare sector as well as by new attackers: IT companies, food producers, the manufacturers of athletic articles ... For doctors and pharmacists, the opportunity will arise to manage and structure their customers' networks as coaches. A role, however, that will certainly be fiercely contested – because the player who controls the health networks of his customers will have the best chances for attractive business models.

Take a look at the future of medicine


And do it for yourself and for your company! Read on to learn what new roles today's healthcare players and professionals will take on in the future.

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