The Safe Building of the Future

2b AHEAD Trend Study Safe Building of the Future


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 Technology will change our conception of safety and security


* Safety will no longer be a question of walls, fences, or camera systems. Every component of smart homes and smart buildings can potentially become an element that creates safety within the building. 

* Vertrauen wird zu einer notwendigen Bedingung für den Markterfolg von Smart Home- und Smart Building-Lösungen.


* New customer segmentations for smart Home and smart building customers reveal seven differentiated safety demands and concrete means of generating customer trust.  


* Providers who rethink safety, serving the specific safety needs of the individual customer and becoming their safety manager, will future-proof their business.


* Pilot business models are already addressing specific customer needs, thus directly attacking conventional providers. The transformation has begun.  


The 2b AHEAD trend study "The Safe Building of the Future" reveals for the first time how technology will revolutionize our concept of security and how providers can rethink safety to meet the customer’s individual safety needs, sustainably becoming their safety manager.


The building is the symbol of humanity’s striving for safety and security. It was, is, and will remain the central place of protection from danger; this is what gives it its everyday function and its symbolic power, and this defines the requirements placed on buildings, whether for private or public use.


In the future, the integration of technology will further increase building safety. Safety will no longer be a question of preventing danger. In smart homes and smart buildings, technological developments will make new safety promises possible. These promises will not hold the same interest for all smart home and smart building customers, who will have widely differentiating views on safety and who will seek out entirely different safety promises. The customers themselves will bridge the gap between technological solutions and their personal security needs – they will make a decision of trust. This study gives providers options for how to inspire this trust.


The present qualitative trend study names the essential drivers for the future of safe buildings. It explains what players will drive which trends, and for what reasons. From the roadmaps, plans, and expectations of the major players involved, a picture of the future of safe buildings emerges for the coming five to ten years. And, based on concrete strategic options, our study shows what steps you must take to help

shape the future of the safe building industry.


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