Trend study: Safety 2027

Safety and security will need to be supplemented by new terminology by 2027. 

As a result of digitalization, virtually 100% of everyday objects, infrastructure, and means of production will be interconnected. This complexity in variable interfaces means massive challenges for providers of security, particularly for the TIC industry.

This study describes the most important probable developments for the next ten years and formulates strategic recommendations for industry and TIC industry players. 


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> on safety in 2027 with regards to IoT and prevoidance, an entirely new dimension of security


> on future test objects in digital, individualized, adaptive, and virtual form


> on the transformation of conformity assessment from a one-time event to a continuous, data-driven process


> on future business models


> on future customer groups and their respective needs 


> on possible future data- and customer-management systems


> on the role of omnichannel management in the TIC industry



Trust will remain important, but in the coming times of greatest possible transparency will not simply be handed over to major brands, but will have to constantly be tested. Expertise will be available round the clock in a world where countless experts – both genuine and self-styled – will strive for recognition in the TIC industry; communication will be the factor that determines who will find an audience.


Due to our cooperation with TÜV NORD AG & TÜV SÜD AG, we are able to present this study to you free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us or our partners if you would like to use the results of this study to review your strategies. We would love to help.

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