Results from the TrendIndex 2017.1 released: Trend climate definitely in the plus range

Trend climate in German companies continues to be positive


* Most important new trend: Employee satisfaction is now a key focus for companies

* Integration of customers into innovation processes retains previous importance

* Critical self-image: Companies are not tackling major hurdles to implementing AI into their business models

* Findings of the study summarized below 


The climate in German-speaking companies concerning trends and innovations continued to develop positively in the first half of 2017. The index rose to 148 points: the expression of a positive development of innovation budgeting and workforce numbers in innovation management. The TrendIndex is based on a survey taken from a panel of 256 innovation experts in German-speaking business. An index value of 100 marks no change in innovation budgets and team sizes. The survey was conducted online in March of 2017.


The emphasis of the survey for the first half of the year lies in the topic Think Quantum – The Prediction of Everything. In the near future, quantum computers will exhibit drastically higher computing power than conventional computers and will massively change business models across the globe. Predictions made on the basis of artificial intelligence will become faster, more reliable, and more readily available – for companies as well as customers. The roles of humans and machines will also be transformed in the course of collaboration. 


The TrendIndex reveals: Companies remain behind their levels of awareness when it comes to preparing for the implementation of AI. The experts have named four main hurdles to the implementation of artificial intelligence in business models. Technological and know-how deficits are frequently handled through conventional approaches. According to feedback the companies, a lack of appreciation for the potential of AI among staff (61%) is insufficiently addressed on a wide scale.


The majority of the subjects agree: Humans must become more digital. It will not be enough for AI systems to become more human. In order to guarantee the successful cooperation of humans and machines in the workplace, human beings must be willing to embrace artificial persons and even equals. This means that leadership will have to be redefined: Humans will be the shapers of the future, and machines the decision makers. Only in equal partnership will humans and machines be an unbeatable combination.


The bottom line: Become future-proof in the digital world!



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