Thought Control - The Business Models of Human-Machine Telepathy


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Following the discovery of the New World, the space race, and the gathering of humanity's collective knowledge on the internet, the human mind is "the last frontier." Our interest is turning inward. Entrepreneurs are tackling what was previously untouchable.


In his trend analysis "Thought Control - The Business Models of Human-Machine Telepathy," Michael Carl, author and Managing Director Research & Consulting of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank reflects on emerging developments and opportunities in the field of thought manipulation and control from a business perspective. With references to Elon Musk's latest project "Neuralink" and Facebook's efforts with Building 8, he analyzes the origins and technological progress of "brain machine interfaces" (BMIs).


BMIs network computers with the brain for more effective and direct communication possibilities between humans and machines. Once this is achieved, the symbiosis of humans and artificial intelligence will not only revolutionize our everyday life, interpersonal relationships, and social structures, but will truly herald a fundamental change in humanity.


Read in the trend analysis:

> What possibilities BMIs are already offering in the field of medical reconstruction and self-optimization, such as deep-brain stimulation or implants that can give patients back their sight or hearing


> How Elon Musk conceives his vision of a future where we humans as cyborgs will be able to compete with AIs thanks to his "neural lace" augmentation.


> How Facebook is working on reading and controlling thoughts in its project "Building 8" under the direction of Regina Dugan.


> What new business models futurist Michael Carl is prompting for the retail, food, and entertainment sectors



About the author:

Michael Carl is Managing Director Research & Consulting at 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. He is responsible for the methodical and content-related conception of future studies, supervises their realization and leads the development of individual customer-specific strategy recommendations.

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