Trend Analysis: The Attack of the BitCoin kids!


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How today's e-commerce stars are being attacked!

How trade without rules or commission is developing!

And: Who runs the show when no one has power over the market?


Following the currency's poor performance and the shady BitCoin exchange crashes, most of us have dismissed the cryptocurrency as a passing fad. The opposite, however, is happening on the market: New BitCoin descendants are appearing almost weekly. OpenBazaar is attacking E-bay, Lighthouse is now threatening Kickstarter, and even Wikileaks has found a serious competitor in Darkleaks. The basic situation is the same in all of these cases: Cost-free, anonymous markets for the exchange of products and services are being opened through the use of decentralized technologies. The problem is: No one has control over the regulations and prices of these markets. If this catches on, it could well mean the death of online traders as we know them today.


We have already seen a predecessor to these virtual markets in the P2P file-sharing systems that followed the closure of Napster. Napster could be closed down because it was operated by known individuals over a centralized physical server. Like the early P2P systems, BitCoin's descendants operate on many thousands of devices (e.g., users' smart phones), and are therefore exponentially more difficult to regulate or shut down. And, with the use of virtual currency, these new virtual markets are not restricted to the transfer of electronic files, but can easily handle the sale of goods and services. From today's BitCoin successors, it is only a short road to the use of P2P systems for all types of transactions - insurance, rental services, loans - always directly between individuals with no middlemen.


For the first time in history, the Internet is replacing classical physical solutions (shops, factories, etc.) as the main infrastructure for commerce. Therefore, a software layer is appearing between hardware producers and the end customer. It is those companies who gain access to this strategic interface who will be the winners - and the survivors - of this emerging trend.


Currently, the full version of this trend analysis is available only in the German language. To view the complete German trend analysis, please click here. The analysis may also be downloaded in PDF format using the online form below.



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