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We are one of Europe’s largest innovation networks.

We bring together the expertise of more than 1,500 innovation leaders and 29,000 innovation managers from a huge variety of companies. We know from experience which methods will work in which environments, and which will not. We offer expertise: We provide innovation leaders from business as instructors. We offer access: Every customer can become part of the network.


We enable our customers to minimize commercial risks and to take advantage of opportunities for the future.

Together with you as the customer, we analyze the individual trend cycle of your company. We evaluate the most important trend areas and share our methods for assessing opportunities and risks. We communicate that strategic mindset that is unfortunately lacking in many unsuccessful innovation processes: The strategic orientation of creative processes in line with a clear strategic vision for the future. With our strategic analysis, our customers receive future-proof answers to the challenges they actually face. We help you to focus on real opportunities and risks rather than remaining limited to hasty speculations.


We surprise our customers, give them one-of-a-kind experiences, and help them experience the future first-hand.

We offer unconventional and inspiring workshops. We give you a tour of the world of your customers. We let you view your products from the eyes of non-customers. With 2b AHEAD, you can become familiar with the newest technologies hands-on.  We connect you with successful entrepreneurs from other industries and expand your horizons beyond your home industry.


We put ourselves in our customers' shoes, and we give them orientation and security for their futures.

We not only know the ways that industry rule breakers think and act, but we are also familiar with the pressures that established companies face. We reliably transfer key trends into established companies, and thus give them security for the future. To us, creativity is no end in itself. The strategic future security of our customers has top priority. For this reason, we give them sustainable innovation competence in methods, processes, and team leadership. We will not only give you typical methods for creating ideas, but also show you ways to translate your ideas into concrete, board-ready presentations. We know that, for you as our customer, innovation will not only generate new ideas, but also business models and KPIs that will enable top management to measure the success of your innovation projects. 


We are independent, open-minded, and we like to argue. We are not afraid to say what we think. 

We understand the development of the future not as a law of nature, but as the result of human action. We enable our customers to understand the intentions and compulsions of the players involved, as well as their hopes and fears. Together with our customers, we reflect on the development of their industries. We give them not only the "What" and "How," but also help them to understand the "Why" as well. Only with these answers will you be able to develop sustainable future concepts.


We are personable and appreciative, kind and approachable. 

We have rough edges. We love to be surrounded by interesting people. We deeply esteem the accomplishments of our customers. We are the antithesis of consulting firms like McKinsey and trend analysts like Horx & Co. We will never present you with "one-size-fits-all" PowerPoint presentations. And we won't squeeze your particular opportunities and risks into those supposed global megatrends (that don't really exist anyway). With our expertise in trends and strategies, we strive to help you take the next steps on your journey  


We are genuine, we are passionate about our work, and we are prepared to go the extra mile for all of our customers.

We accept no mediocrity. We expect both ourselves and our customers to be dissatisfied with what has been achieved so far. Both in our private lives and as business leaders, we often stand at the crossroads between linear adaptation and innovative disruption. We know the difficulties involved and love every chance to choose the disruptive path.



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