2b AHEAD industry think tanks: How to solve your specific problems with the help of future technologies and our network

Exclusive opportunity to take part in our think tanks for insurance, finance, retail, IT und HR  – with Teradata, Deutsche Bahn, BSH and other companies from your industry

Today, I would like to invite you to our ThinkTank Universe. Over the next few months, 2b AHEAD will launch a number of industry-specific think tanks. We are inviting hand-picked companies to meet for one-and-a-half-day sessions in small and intensive group settings and develop future-proof solutions for relevant problems in your industry. I believe this could also be interesting for you.  


Why is this not just another one of those network meetings which will only further clog your calendar? We can give you three reasons: First, we will already have identified real problems in advance – during the sessions, we will work on these and develop concrete solutions with inspiring speakers and participants as well as innovative future technologies. Second, our futurists will make sure that we work with a substantial picture of the future. And third, we promise you an exclusive comprehensive documentation shortly after each think tank session. In this documentation, you will find four future-proof solutions for each of three current industry problems. Then all you have to do is implement these solutions.  


In spring, we will launch think tanks in five industries:  


I have included links to more information on each think tank. Click here to read an overview. If you are interested, please contact us to take part in one or more think tanks. 


Meet Teradata and Deutsche Bahn, Dr. Oetker, Hornbach and BSH, Volksbank Mittweida, and Inpraxi – our anchor partners who will take part in the think tank sessions. We will carefully select the speakers and participants of the think tank sessions to provide maximum benefit for everyone: concrete solutions for real problems. 


With our industry-specific think tanks, we respond to an urgent request by companies from our network. 2b AHEAD is one of the largest innovation networks in Europe. During the course of this work, a core of change-loving people formed together in our Partners Board to develop and realize worthwhile futures far beyond the scope of daily business. This group gave birth to the idea of enriching the 2b AHEAD Partners Board with a system of smaller industry- and topic-specific think tanks that meet in regular sessions to develop future-proof solutions for the problems we experience or anticipate today. 


In our work, we constantly realize that the problems industries and companies face as digitalization progresses are highly specific – and can in many cases no longer be solved with conventional innovation methods. Many of our partners are looking for professional exchange within their industries and beyond, because these discussions often lead to new solutions. Based on our future competence, we want to establish this platform where relevant solutions can be created quickly. 


Participating in our think tanks can be interesting for you if  

  • you do not want to back the wrong trend horse in your innovation decisions, 

  • you look for an opportunity to develop solutions for your industry beyond your company’s limitations, and 

  • your expectations for problem solving are simply higher, you do not want to use another app, or start yet another incubator in Berlin. 


Use the potential of our network. Contact me or directly book your online ticket for a think tank session. 

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