2b AHEAD: The quantum computers have arrived! New era for digital strategists begins today


MUST-ATTEND EVENT for digital strategists!


The 2b AHEAD Future Congress will be THE summit on global quantum computers, featuring Europe's top minds in IT

Volkswagen CIO to present the first case of commercial quantum computing in the world: Traffic paradise Beijing!


June 20-21, 2017 at Wolfsburg Castle. 97 of 300 seats still available. SECURE YOUR SEAT NOW!  


You've probably read the hot new story in business today: The world's first quantum computer has become a reality. With its quantum computer from D-Wave, the Volkswagen Group has just demonstrated the unstoppable momentum of digitalization: Beijing, world capital of smog and traffic jams, will soon have perfect traffic when it switches to self-driving cars under the control of the new quantum computer. The flagship in quantum computing uses data analysis to predict where traffic problems could occur in the next few minutes and prevents these by assigning an exact route and speed for every single vehicle on the streets. The current champion of the world's supercomputers would need 40 seconds for this calculation – Volkswagen's quantum computer can do it in 5-10.


Do you think it's exaggerating when I predict that today marks the beginning of a new era for digital strategists? "How much longer can we afford not to work with a quantum computer?" Do you already know how you will answer this question? Do you have a plan for what will happen in your company when this kind of calculating power becomes available to you through the cloud? What efficiency savings can you achieve when the outcome of all company processes for the next 60 minutes can be predicted in real time? How will your products change when 80% of customer needs can be forecasted days in advance? And what will the consequences be if your competitors get the new technology first?


With a look ahead to events like Volkswagen's new quantum breakthrough, weeks ago the team of future experts at Europe's largest future institute, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, gave their 2017 Future Congress on June 20-21 in Wolfsburg the title: THINK QUANTUM! The prediction of Everything! Thus this year's congress will be THE SUMMIT FOR QUANTUM COMPUTERS with top European CIOs, CDOs, and heads of innovation. In a personal, workshop atmosphere, a limited circle of 235 leading businesspeople and digital strategists will meet with two of the world's top 4 quantum computing executives:


Bo Ewald, (President, D-Wave, USA), who will explain the consequences of his quantum computer for your products, processes, and business model.


Chad Rigetti (Founder, Rigetti Quantum Computing, USA), who will give us a firsthand look at the roadmap for the quantum computing revolution.

And with: 

Dr. Martin Hofmann (CIO, Volkswagen Group, Germany), who will give an exclusive presentation of the results of the world's first commercial quantum computer project in Beijing.


Following the announcement of this summit, further quantum computer developers have already announced their attendance as well. Among our 30+ speakers are some of the most interesting thinkers in global IT and AI, including:


Julian Wheatland (COO/CFO, Cambridge Analytica, UK), claims to have calculated the psychological profiles of 220 million Americans, using them to help Donald Trump achieve his campaign victory.


Stephen Brobst (CTO, Teradata, USA), who is ranked as one of the top four CTOs in the world. 


Shai Agassi (former member of the executive board, SAP, Founder, Betterplace, Israel), one of the brightest minds in the international software scene.


David Green (CDO, LYNK & CO, China / Sweden), the strategist behind China's new global automobile-industry attacker.


Rolf Werner (CEO, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Germany), who will present the roadmap for information technologies through 2027 as artificial intelligence increasingly becomes a normal part of life.


Matan Field (CEO, Backfeed, Israel), who's work may well make the use of blockchain technology as commonplace in users' everyday lives as today's internet.


Pegor Papazian (CEO, Bazillion Beings, Armenia), who is creating the first digital beings by launching an army of bots that finance themselves and buy services from others of their kind, thus becoming customers and employers at the same time.


Only 97 of 300 spots remain


Nowhere else in Europe can you come closer to the digital future this year! If you would like to be there, please register soon. Due to this current development, the 97 remaining tickets will soon be booked. Available ticket types include Standard Tickets at the rate of 1,690.00 EUR, Package Tickets for 2,175.00 EUR (including five-star overnight hotel accommodations), and VIP tickets for 3,050.00 EUR (including hotel accommodations and Personal Networking Assistance).


To register for the summit, please use this private link: REGISTRATION

The full program flyer is available here: CONGRESS PROGRAM

Regularly updated lists of speakers are available here: SPEAKERS




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