Corporate intellectual property will become forgery-proof

Die Zukunft des geistigen Eigentums

Customer interaction will be a prerequisite and the data collected will form the substance of a company’s intellectual property. Innovation will be created through seamless customer interaction. Artificial intelligence will manage and market a company’s intellectual property with omni-IP management systems.



The death of plagiarism – How intellectual property will become forgery-proof


In the future, innovations and new products will increasingly be created through customer interaction. The customer will thus gain influence and substantially shape a company’s IP. The data generated through customer interaction will become a driver and form the substance of this process. As soon as IP is generated during a seamless customer interaction, it can no longer be imitated, stolen, or copied.


As one of the study authors I think: If patent and trademark offices do not fulfill the companies’ need for increased speed, these will develop their own solutions. Companies will create parallel systems based on new technologies such as blockchain, causing the IP sector to re-regulate itself.


In the future, a product will become forgery-proof once the customer data is directly used for and processed in it, allowing the product to automatically adapt to the customer’s situational needs. As customers use and thus further develop products because of and during this interaction, the usage itself will become a protective mechanism.



How companies will manage their intellectual property


New omni-IP management solutions will concentrate a company’s IP and expand it in a targeted way. The knowledge based on this large mass of data will be stored, linked, used, and eventually further developed according to algorithms.


Obviously: Only technology will be able to record the growing heaps of data and knowledge. Companies will begin to use artificial intelligence for the retention of know-how as well. Knowledge will thus be severed from the knowledge carrier: By digitalizing know-how through the use of technology, companies will be able to purchase licenses to use know-how for a certain amount of time or for a certain purpose.



Strategic recommendations for companies from the study


#1 In the future, the customer is the source of intellectual property. The customer is the driver, the interaction is the prerequisite and the data is the foundation of the intellectual property of the future. Put the customer at the center of your development of products, services, and processes.


#2 Together with partners, create a blockchain-based alternative for conventional IPR that is quicker, more transparent, impossible to manipulate, and works without middleman. Do not try to be an essential driver for the legislation here – you have other options.


#3 Re-shape the internal organizational structure of your company. Also, view potential staff members as your most important partners. Where they share their expertise with you is where your company’s intellectual property will grow.


#4 If you shelve your intellectual property in the form of patents locked away in your filing cabinets, you will shelve your company’s success as well. No matter the industry, your company’s success depends on the proactive management of your intellectual property.


#5 The first to share will be the first to profit. Let go of the idea of exclusive usage in favor of rapid development. Purposefully share your intellectual property within partnership frameworks in order to boost your speed.


#6 For patent and trademark offices: Reality and regulation are drifting apart; traditional protective mechanisms now miss the mark. Become the advocate for the intellectual property of the future. Do not digitalize existing mechanisms – create digital processes for the protection of intellectual property.


For further recommendations, please see the study.

View the study “The Future of Intellectual Property”



Study “The Future of Intellectual Property” by the 2b Ahead ThinkTank

The trend study published on May 16, 2017 is the first to describe how companies will generate, manage, protect, and exploit intellectual property through the use of technology in the future. It shows how this will put the existing IPR system under pressure. Rich in perspective and detail and equipped with strategic recommendations, the study by the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank in cooperation with Dennemeyer Group provides companies with a starting point for the strategic development of corporate IP.


You may download the study free of charge from our website.

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