Data, Data, Data – How to persuade & acquire with the marketing of the future

"Classic customer segmentation by demographic characteristics and buying behavior is nonsense." Julian Wheatland, COO / CFO Cambridge Analytica

For years now we've been hearing about how big data will make marketing success great again. Today companies across the board are implementing analytical units into their marketing departments. One person who knows precisely how to successfully run data-driven campaigns is Julian Wheatland of Cambridge Analytica. In his keynote at the 16th 2b AHEAD Future Congress this June, the man who claims to have paved Donald Trump's path into the White House spoke personally about the power of data. During the elections, his team compiled an average of 5,000 data sets on tens of millions of individual Americans. They then derived psychological profiles from this data to launch personalized election campaigns precisely tailored to each potential voter.


Wheatland has long moved past a focus on developing brand awareness and a positive core reception. According to expert predictions, marketing today – and increasingly more so in the future – is much more a question of attaining a deep understanding of target groups (or for players like Wheatland, target individuals) and their needs: What are the drivers behind individual behaviors, and how can these drivers be addressed in a marketing context?


Learn firsthand about what the data-driven standard for personalized marketing communication will look like in the future and how Cambridge Analytica uses data analytics, targeted communication, and behavioral communication to achieve marketing goals.  


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