How much "human" can the future take? – Speakers list for the 17th 2b AHEAD Future Congress released

Normally the futurists at the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank try to be very reserved when it comes to clapping ourselves on the back. What moves us more is a sense of humility in the face of the sometimes-oversized task of creating positive, worthwhile, and humane future pictures in our companies and society. But please allow me a bit of overflowing praise for my colleagues today: They have put together a truly extraordinary list of speakers for the 17th 2b AHEAD Future Congress this June.


In the last few weeks my own time was spent giving keynotes across the country at a very wide variety of conferences. Everywhere, the same speakers are giving their best to lend some order to the huge mass of possible futures, utopias, and apocalypse scenarios conceivable today. To be honest, it often gives me the feeling that these prognoses may reach forward to the year 2020, but by no means 2025, let alone 2030. This will definitely not be the case at the 2b AHEAD Future Congress: My colleagues have managed to put together the most ambitious list of speakers that I have seen in the last few months. This is no agenda filled with token functionaries or the typical C-level megaphones. Instead, it features those international thinkers and technology developers whose plans and strategies actually aim to build the world of the upcoming decade.


Our participants will again include board members and CEOs, innovation managers and marketing directors, and ambitious startup founders, but also innovative minds, extreme lead users, politicians and philosophers. Already on board this year are thought leaders from the US, Europe, and Asia, as well as bookings from companies like: AOK, Audi, AXA, Barclay, Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank, Genesys, Innogy, PWC, Signal Iduna, T-Systems, VW, Warner Bros., and many more!  



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Here is a selection of the speakers who have already confirmed:


Dr. Simon Kos (USA) is the Chief Medical Officer on Microsoft. He is the strategist behind the IT giant’s plan to revolutionize our concepts of health and the human body.  


Eva Kaili (GRE) is a member of the European Parliament and the Chair of its Science and Technology Options Assessment Body. She will describe how blockchain will take the administration of the EU into the stratosphere.  


Dominik Schiener (DE) is the founder of the IOTA cryptocurrency, which was created for M2M transactions in the bot economy. He will reveal how AIs in the connected city of the future will establish a parallel economy of their own. 


Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof (DE) is the founder of Bitnation. She will discuss blockchain’s potential to annihilate today’s concept of nation states.


Zoltan Istvan (USA) is the Transhumanist Party’s candidate for the 2020 US presidential election. His prediction: In order to avoid being overrun by the machines, we humans will have to meld with them. 


Yuval Mor (ISR) is taking online sales to the next level as CEO of Beyond Verbal. At the 2018 Future Congress he will explain how your next website can boost your profits by reading customers' emotions.


Raimund Bau (DE), CEO of SO1, believes that product brands will be irrelevant in 2028. No longer will emotional appeal through qualitative ads be the decisive sales factor, but the product's ecosystem.


Oliver von Ameln (DE) is CEO of Adesso. He claims that companies across the board will speak with their customers entirely through intelligent bots.


Shruti Malani Krishnan (India/UK) is the founder of Powr of You. She is giving every consumer back the control over their data, and offers the platform where users can determine who uses which parts of their information. In this way every user will earn money through their data.


Sheena Urwin (UK), Durham's Head of Criminal Justice, will explain how our society will work in the future when police primarily base their actions on the predictions of artificial intelligence.


Michihito Matsuda (Japan) of the Japanese city of Tama ran an AI in a real-life mayoral election for the first time in history. He claims that all politicians will be replaced by artificial intelligences by the year 2050 – and they will make the better decisions.


Julian Ranger (UK), CEO of, wants to give the internet back to the people. He is attacking the Big 5 of the internet industry with his revolutionary approach to privacy by design.


Tobias Danzer (DE), CEO of NoxRobots, will explain the shared future of humans and robots in a dialogue with his robot Pepper for the age when humans are no longer the most intelligent species on earth.   


Dr. Nathan Treff (USA). The Chief Scientific Officer of Genomic Prediction believes that in the year 2028 we will choose our embryos just as selectively as we choose life partners today.


Ira Pastor (USA) is Chief Global Officer of the World Academy of Medical Sciences. He aims to reanimate brain-dead patients already in 2018. At Wolfsburg Castle this June, he will explain why brain death will become curable even before cancer.


Dr. Patrick Kramer (DE) is a noted German biohacker. During this year's opening panel he will upgrade interested participants with their own chip implant, establishing his prediction that our brains can be connected in collective clouds that will make language unnecessary.


André Choulika (Lebanon/FRA) is a noted geneticist and CEO of Cellectis. He will describe a future where we are able to repair the bugs in our DNA.


Rick Ifland (USA), CEO of Omega Ophthalmics, promises a significant upgrade for the human eye. With his implant, you will not only see the things that are typically visible to humans: You will also have the informational layer of the virtual world right in your sight.


The complete list of speakers is available here: Speakers

The regularly updated program is available on the website here: Agenda

Here you will find the printable program flyer: Program Flyer



Technology roadmaps through 2028

The 17th Future Congress will present you with the real tech roadmaps of the most important industries – the roadmaps that haven't made the headlines and are not yet standard fare on the conference scene. Find the courage to face the biggest questions for our futures! Join us to be part of a real ThinkTank! Dive into new living and working environments, and help us shape tomorrow's strategies and the role of the human being in technological progression. The Future Congress will open you up to a new understanding of the world of the future. Get ready for two days of excellent questions about the future – questions that most likely have never occurred to you before.


If you would like to take advantage of your personal invitation, then apply for one of the limited number of 300 seats! Also, we urgently recommend reserving your hotel now, as the city of Wolfsburg will be entirely booked out by the time of the event. Currently available ticket types are ThinkTank Tickets for EUR 1,890.00, Package Tickets for EUR 2,375.00 (incl. 5-star hotel accommodations), and VIP Tickets for EUR 3,250.00 (incl. 5-star accommodations, shuttle service, and Personal Networking Assistance). Unreserved spots will be released for other interested persons.  


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I wish you the very best this spring, and look forward to meeting you at the Future Congress this year!



Warm regards,


Sven Gábor Jánszky

Founder, Chairman, 2b AHEAD ThinkTank
Co-Founder, 2b AHEAD Ventures 
Co-Founder, President, RULEBREAKER Society

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