Opinion at the push of a button. Cambridge Analytica claims to have put Trump in the White House - Who would you put in power?

Zukunftskongress 2017


Meet the world’s maestro of data management – or data exploitation? Cambridge Analytica won’t stop at its decisive role in the outcome of the US election. Now European politics – and your industry – are next!


The 2b AHEAD Future Congress examines the potential of the most powerful opinion-shaping tool of the decade.


The real data revolution is about to begin – and Cambridge Analytica is already proving the new power of data. The company’s technology was one of the key factors that put Trump in the White House. How? Cambridge Analytica was able to calculate personal psychograms for 220 million Americans. This formed the foundation for an automated, individualized voter approach: Messages are modified, perfectly calibrated to the individual voter, persuasively communicated. This marks the new standard. With the possibility of knowing the psychogram of every single one of your customers, Cambridge Analytica reveals how well you will need to know them – very soon.


Experience the most controversial, but most likely also the most groundbreaking, data expert of the year: Julian Wheatland, the pioneer thinker, CFO and COO behind Cambridge Analytica, at the 16th 2b AHEAD Future Congress. This year, Cambridge Analytica plans to bring its technology into Germany’s national elections. Even if you find the thought highly disturbing, by 2027 you will own the psychograms for nearly all of your customers and use them for your purposes. How will this change your perspective of products, processes, marketing, and communication?


What will your company’s marketing look like when you know how every one of your customers ticks and what opening sentence will get an optimal reaction from each? What skills and strategies will market research and marketing need to truly be relevant for the business model of the future? How will the lives of your customers change when services and solutions fit them personally with increasing perfection? Here is where data-driven communication really begins.


This year, a year of national elections across Europe, the 16th 2b AHEAD Future Congress will compile a picture of the future of democracy and political opinion forming: How will political will emerge in tomorrow’s society? In that very near future when politicians will need to know what the highly differentiated opinion of their public is, not only during elections, but as a constant necessity for their daily responsibilities? And not only know precisely what the opinions of their constituents are, but also just as precisely what they will be? Will this undermine our democratic institutions, or will practical politics finally find the forward-looking perspective whose absence we have long lamented? Discuss the future on equal footing with 300 German and international CEOs and innovation managers from a vast variety of industries, with heads of SMEs as well as leaders in innovation management, research and development, and major fields of strategy. Experience today the technologies that will transform business from the ground up over the next few years.


Nowhere else this year will you come so close to Europe’s data-driven future! If you would like to be there this June, apply now!


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