When Will Virtual Reality Become Everyday Reality?

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Virtual reality and the analog world will meld to become a new living environment.

It's only a matter of time until the typical day looks something like this: You take a partner to lunch in the gardens of Versailles with Louis XIV, then head off for 3D tours of the concept models for your new headquarters, and in the evening you catch a Shakespeare performance with friends in London – exactly as it would have been experienced in 1600, naturally.

In the future, we will no longer separate the real world from the virtual world. We will combine them at will, moving naturally in this new environment.  

Interactive PC gaming, pilots trained through flight simulators without ever actually taking off, the visualization of production and building plans – all of these have long been reality, and are already standard procedure in today's tech-savvy companies. Recent achievements in virtual realities, however, are only the tip of the iceberg that will dominate many industries – and most areas of our lives – in the future. 



Around the world in a day ... and beyond


The opportunity presented by virtual reality to be in any place in the world at the push of a button will completely transform communication within and between companies. Business partners and colleagues will be able to provide suitable locations for meetings and events without any externals – and without ever leaving the office.  That is: if offices even exist anymore. After work, personal avatars meet up with the avatars of friends and acquaintances for a night at the theater before hanging out for a few virtual card games on Mars. A lot of this will sound strange to our analog ears, but social VR is already the next big thing.   

The Future of Social Virtual Reality Networks    



Will we consume more ... or less?


Even looking beyond the communications industry, e-commerce is full of opportunities for business models built on virtual reality. Online shopping is experiencing impressive progress in the individualized customer experience. Aside from being able to easily model and examine products from online shops virtually at home as already made possible by augmented reality, the entire sales process will be revolutionized: First, virtual tests will determine whether a product functions properly and suits the individual customer and their current needs; the sale then follows.  Returns, bad purchases, or refunds will be things of the (analog) past.  Here blessing and curse exist side-by-side: On the one hand, the CO2 footprint will drop to a level that we can hardly dream of today. On the other side of the coin, when the hunger for something new can be satisfied virtually, who will order products anymore? Time will tell.  


Virtual Reality Marketing    



No dusty schoolbooks in the virtual classroom

Finally, virtual reality technologies will lead to direct, interactive, immersive learning experiences even in the dusty halls of the education sector. Instead of enduring canned classroom lectures, students will experience great moments of history in person. In artificial spaces, they will learn foreign languages in direct exchange with native speakers, and will acquire knowledge straight from leading experts in connected multimedia virtual classrooms.  


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