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We know that excellent team members are always looking for new challenges and better methods in order to boost their personal and professional development. So where would they be better off than in one of Europe’s leading future institutes, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank? Here where the team spirit takes our staff forward and motivates them to showcase their skills in new projects.


Currently more than 50 of these excellent minds share our coworking space to develop events, trend studies, innovation processes, and scenarios for the living and working environments of the future. Constantly mingling through the free choice of workspaces, trend researchers and strategy consultants take inspiration from event managers and customer experience experts – and vice versa! – and actively seek out enriching exchange with freelancers, student staff, and interns.

Everything will be different in the future. And the future will be great!

Yes, we think laterally here. We have the courage to break rules – even our own – and we constantly attack our familiar ways of thinking and acting. This isn’t something for everyone, but it is the best environment for sensation seekers and out-of-the-box thinkers who have understood that the future happens through constant change. With the right people on board, we can pull off the coup of seeing through the familiar and acting disruptively … and coming much closer to the future than is possible by conventional approaches.


Sven Gábor Jánszky / Chairman

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Sven Gábor Jánszky is the founder and Chairman of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. With his numerous trend analyses and his trend books “2020,” “2025,” and “The Recruiting Dilemma,” he has significantly shaped the future strategies of numerous industries over the last ten years. With his management books “Rulebreakers – How the People Think Whose Ideas Are Changing the World” and “2020 – The Redefinition of Values,” Sven has emerged as the spokesperson for the lateral thinkers and innovators in German Business.

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